DOPE MIND US® is your daily dose of good vibes! 

⚛️ Sacred Geometry is the blueprint of the Universe; it is an ancient science that explores the mathematical and geometric foundation of creation. DOPE MIND US® is here to remind you that YOU ARE BEAUTIFUL! Our original Sacred Geometry art will lift your energy and reconnect you with the rest of the world!

Our mission is to provide positive and inspiring artwork to the world! 

⚛️ Hello! My name is Jack; I am the artist & owner of DOPE MIND US®. I enjoy creating pieces that make people feel good. I specialize in Sacred Geometry patterns because of their timeless beauty and healing properties. My Journey with designing geometric patterns started in 2017 as a form of meditation & spiritual growth. Each numbered artwork is carefully crafted from an original photograph.

DOPE MIND US® is wearable art!

⚛️ Inspired heavily by the 420, Psychedelic, Meditative, Flow-arts, Festival & EDM Communities.

Spiritual art & rave outfits for the modern mystic. 


Why do we love Geometric Patterns?

⚛️ Geometric patterns are found worldwide and have been around for centuries. The fractal patterns found in nature are endless. Stay connected and raise your vibe with the magic of math art!

⚛️ Geometric shapes are an ancient symbol of spirituality, wholeness, and infinity. Fractals are in all aspects of nature, from the smallest particles to the most significant structures in the cosmos.

⚛️ DOPE MIND US® patterns are truly timeless and will never go out of style! Our unique designs are original, exclusive, and made with love! Each pattern tells a story and is as unique as the individual wearing it. 

Sacred Geometry Symbols

⚛️ The golden ratio, the Flower of Life, Solfeggio frequencies, and other ancient symbols can be found worldwide, from Ancient Egypt to Ancient Greek architecture. Sacred symbols may also be used to enhance awareness & expand consciousness.

⚛️  The torus is a three-dimensional shape that you may have observed in nature; It's considered to represent everything in existence, which might explain why it looks so similar to an eye! 👁

⚛️  Some of the most common examples of Sacred Geometry in nature are flowers, trees, crystals, galaxies, cells, and plants. The most common sacred geometric pattern is the spiral. Spirals can be found in the shape of seashells.